The Missing Link Stopping You From Creating Connections On Your Website and Selling Out!

For the Bookworms, here's the gist!

Today, we're addressing a common misconception that's affecting a lot of you guys.

Having a great website is OBVIOUSLY super important - you need something that looks good and that fully represents who you are. You know I'm 100% all about that.

But, I NEED to stress this one thing:

Great copy is equally important to your website's success!

When I create a website design for my clients, I create something that MAKES people want to scroll through. It attracts the eye, so the person gets a general feeling of who you are, which makes them want to dive deeper into you. That's the point of a great website design - especially on the home page!

But, you do need something that will keep the visitor engaged and that's where great copy comes in.

I can personally say that without great copy, the connections I've created wouldn't have happened. My website design draws people in and makes them remember me. My copy fosters a connection that'll make them trust me.

The problem is that you have a boring web design AND boring copy - how do you expect to be remembered?

From connecting with some of you, I see how much of a badass you are! I see your energy and I see why people are drawn to you based on your marketing.

But.. When I go on your site, that badassery isn't there. When people interact with me on Facebook, for example, they feel my energy and personality and when they go on my site, that energy is consistent! Sadly, that's not the case for your website.

All the energy, sass, and vibrancy that you show to the world falls flat when it comes to your site. Everything that your loyal clients and followers love about you on social media, is not on your site. So you're not standing out and you're not being remembered.

When people visit your site, they don't want to read more, they don't want to know more about your signature program and that's just sad!

You're at a point where you should be positioning yourself to attract clients, not chase them

That's what getting to the next level is all about! It's about attracting and creating meaningful connections so you don't have to exhaust yourself trying to help others. And that's what a Custom Branded Website That Sells With Great Copy does!

So what now?

Now, I'm not a professional copywriter, but I did a damn good job at writing my own copy and my ideal clients connect with it and feel my vibe and energy. Without that, my website would be nothing!

So if you're not going to hire a copywriter for your website, you're going to need guidance to help you write great copy! That's an optional add-on you can add to your package when you decide to work with me. I know how to bring the best parts of yourself out and can coach you through writing copy that connects with your ideal client.

So if you're feeling lost and you KNOW your website isn't connecting, let's chat!

Book a Branded Website Strategy Call With Me Here!

We'll go over

  • Why Your Website Isn't Converting Your Visitors

  • What To Do About It

  • And how to move forward!

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