The 4 Things You Need To Get a Branded Website That Sells (SPOILER ALERT: You already have all of th

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So it turns out, you already have what it takes to make lots and lots of money! Yup. Each client that I've helped by creating a Branded Website That Sells already what they needed inside of them. And if they don't have it, no matter how pretty the site, it wouldn't sell as effectively.

These are the qualities that help me create sites that make my clients stuff sell like Hot Cakes!


Confidence is the root of creativity and individuality. Without it, your website will be missing the main factor that makes it sell: YOU.

Being your very own individualistic, unique you will make you stand out and attract the attention of your ideal clients in a saturated market. When you're in a market where your voice is getting drowned out by everyone else's the confidence to know who you are and be it, your confidence will ground you and attract loyal clients and customers.

Ever met someone and thought: "Damn, I like her"? Someone you're inexplicably attracted to? Well, that's because they're sweating confidence!

As you go through entrepreneurship, we all go through a process where our confidence gets built up. Society trains us to hate and belittle ourselves

Society trains us to hate and belittle ourselves. It's up to us to love ourselves enough to see the beauty in ourselves - the same way we see it in others.

Entrepreneurship teaches us how to do that so I find that many entrepreneurs already have the confidence that they need for a Branded Website That Sells. So, I'm always there to help keep them on track and channel that inner fierceness,


So now that you've got the confidence, you need to express it - and that's where the website comes in! So you're probably using a templated site and maybe even paid someone to flesh out a template for you.

But you're so unique (nobody does what you do the way you do), you deserve a site that COMPLETELY represents who you are!

You're already great at expressing yourself! You create great content, have probably spoken at events, you show your clients how to be successful. Now, all you need is a visual expression of everything you already do to get to that next level!

The point here is to make things easier for you while boosting your confidence in your online presence - which is where a unique website comes in.

I was looking through my portfolio the other day and I realized that none of the websites I create are similar -which is awesome! I work with completely different people with unique personalities so of course the websites I build from scratch won't look similar.


Visual connections are the fastest ways to grow your business because you can make the connection in less than 3 seconds. Just by looking at your design, they've instantly decided whether they like you, or not! The great thing about that connection is that it's instant and it helps you filter through the people who wouldn't be the best connections for you.

So you're already good at connections. You connect with your ideal clients, and amazing friends all the time! Now, I'm here to make those visual connections and make it easier for you! That's all! I take what you already have and transform it into a visual representation of your vision.


When people interact with you - through your content, emails, by working with you, they're going through an experience with you. And if you've been in business for some time, you most likely have a great experience that you lead your clients through.

Is the great experience you provide reflected in the first interaction most potential clients have with you - your website?

If not, you're definitely sending off the wrong message. People need to have a tasted of your experience to know that they want to buy from you.

So you already have all it takes to have a successful business! I'm not here to tell you that you won't be successful without me; or that you're going to fail.

I refuse to tell you that you suck. Because you don't! You're SO Amazing! And you have everything you need to build a successful business, to make an impact, make more money and do everything your heart desires.

All I want to do is take all of that and make it visual so everyone else can see it. Ever heard the saying "Show Me, Don't Tell Me"? That's what I'm here to do.

You don't have to feel like you're trying to scream above the noise anymore because you'll have a website that shows your confidence, how unique you are, the connection you create, and the experience you'll bring them without even opening your mouth.

If you're ready to transform everything you already have into a website that will trump your competitors, book a Branded Website Strategy Call With Me Here!

We'll go over

  • Why Your Website Isn't Converting Your Visitors

  • What To Do About It

  • And how to move forward!

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