Signs Your Website Isn't Working For Your Business And What You Can Do to Immediately Boost Sale

For the Bookworms, here's the gist!

As we all know, your website can be your biggest and most effective Sales Person

The great thing about having your website that sells for you, is that it's a one-time investment that continues to make you money.

Whereas, if you hired a salesperson, you'd have to constantly pay them and when you stop paying them, that revenue goes away.

So I know that you've been hustlin' in your business for a while now and you've done all the work you've needed to and now know the impact and income you want to make. And the great thing is that it's starting to become possible for you!

You've busted your ass to get to where you are, and now people won't stop asking you for your site link. But you don't want to send them to it. Why?

Because it's the one thing you're not confident about! You already know you're the boss and you've accomplished SO much but you know damn well that your website isn't showing off your expertise.

You've either worked with an inexperienced designer, threw together a template, or DIYed a Frankenstein Site and it doe NOT show the quality you provide.

So you don't send anyone to your website because you feel like it's doing more bad than good - which is one of the biggest signs that your site isn't working for your business. Here are a couple more!

It Looks and Feels Super Unfocused

When you're messing around with your site, you're not even sure what to put where! In the real world, you're this super powerful person who breathes and lives what you do and who's always helping and serving others. But your website isn't showing anyone that power - which makes you lack confidence in your online presence.

Because of that lack of focus, people feel confused and overwhelmed when navigating your site.

Your Quick Fix:

Have a Plan and a Goal for your website and each page. For example, your home page is to compel visitors to find out more and come up with a goal for each of your services page. Make it clear what you want your visitor to do!

Your Website Isn't Helping You Achieve Your Goals

As I said, your site is your biggest salesperson. When people want to learn more about you, your prices, and your products and services, the first place they go is to your website.

Is your site helping you convert those curious visitors? If not, you don't have much help in achieving your goals.

If your website isn't helping you achieve your goals, it's because it's not set up to support your goals.

We all have a support system that makes reaching our goals that much easier. I've got my coach, my Mastermind Group, my friends AND my website as my support system!

My website has sold for me more times than I can count. I've gotten so many clients from people who found me on Social Media, clicked to my site by curiosity and instantly connected with me and decided that I'm the designer for them. That could be you!

Your Sales Goals For Your Business Could Easily Be Accomplished With a Website That Reflects Who You Are and SELLS You!

Your Quick Fix:

  • Each page on your menu should provide value to your audience

  • REMEMBER that your Home Page's Sole Purpose is to invite the person to learn more about you. So it's one job is to be pretty. If it's not pretty, it's not doing its job!

When Visitors Go On Your Site They Don't Know What You Do

Visitors need to know EXACTLY what you do when they land on your website INSTANTLY. They shouldn't be hunting around to find that info. Psychologically, humans only want to be exposed to products, services, and content that relates to us. So if that's not satisfied, we'll leave.

Your Quick Fix:

Make sure your Home Page and About Page clearly state what you do and who you help since those are the first places people will search.

People Aren't Buying Your Products or Booking Your Services Through Your Site

Just because your shop page and your services page are in your menu, it doesn't mean people are being led to buy from you.

In the coaching industry, you need a branded website that provides an amazing experience. People want something that's appealing and authentic and that makes them feel good. So you should be guiding them through an experience that leads them to your products and services.

Have your website act like a funnel where your visitors go through actionable free content that gets them results, which'll lead them to your products and services. And don't be afraid to let all your secrets out because...

The truth is, I can give you all these tips and quick tidbits, but I am your best solution.

You don't have time to piece all of these solutions together, you don't have the expertise so you'd have to experiment before getting it right so instead of doing all of that, give me the work and I'll do it for ya!

If you're someone struglling with all of the above (your website isn't achieving your goals, you don't want people to even see it because you believe it'll hurt you more than it'll help you, your site is confusing and unfocused, and need more people to buy your products and services) we need to chat!

I'm here to work intimately with you to create a design that matches your perosnality and that is worthy of your big goals and vision. It'll be your sidekick that you can trust will get you more sales! If you're likin' what I'm puttin' down, Fill Out Your Client Profile Here!

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