STOP ANNOYING YOUR VISITORS WITH WEBSITE POPUPS! Do these instead to get more people on your list!

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So I woke up to a new subscriber who I don't know and had a mini-celebration because I haven't actively been trying to grow my list YET and this isn't someone I know! (If you're reading this, Tara,I love you and I hope the Pinspiration Guide helped you!)

I credit this to a recent change I made to my home page and realized that there's some info you can use to get more people on your list without having to annoy them with a pop-up.

The placement of your pop-up is SUPER simple, but it affects your conversions, growth, income, and your list. So we're going to cover why pop-ups can hinder all of that and some solutions to get ya back on track!

If you annoy your visitors, you won't connect to them and you won't be able to sell to them.

Pop-Ups are one of those things that are super annoying - especially when they come up immediately. And I know that they can help increase your sign-up rates, but they drive tons of people away and taint your budding relationship with your visitor.

Before we dive in to the alternatives you can use for your pop-ups, here are some reasons why they're so frickin' annoying!

They Interrupt Them

Usually when people click over to your site, they want to find out more about you, download your opt-in, or read/watch/listen to your content. And before they can get what they want, they're interrupted by a window asking them for their e-mail.

You're basically asking for sex before even seducing them. Would you go home with someone who smiled at you, walked up to you and asked you to have sex with them? So why do you assume your visitors will do the same?

Your visitors want to feel cared for and special. They wanna feel like you want to help them and once you do that, you've earned their trust and they'll be happy to give you their e-mail!

Pop-Ups Can be HORRIBLE on Mobile!

Have you ever been on a website and a pop-up comes up and you're trying to close it but you can't find the 'close button'? It's the most annoying thing ever! And when visitors can't close your pop-up, they'll just exit your website, which isn't something we want.

Bottom Line: Don't Use Pop-Ups! Here are some alternatives you should be using instead.

Header Opt-Ins

I got this idea this morning when I was scheduling these blog posts because I thought my blog page was a bit bleh. So I thought of having a pretty opt-in before it (watch out for those changes soon!) so you guys wouldn't miss the opt-in.

You can have it above the fold either on your Home Page, your Blog Page, your Blog Post Page, or as a banner! And the great thing about it is that it's always there so even if they don't opt-in when they first see it, they'll have lots of chances to check it out!

Sidebar and Footer Opt-Ins

I currently have a really basic footer opt-in on my website and it's been working a whole lot more! If you've got a sidebar on your website, that's a great place for you to have your opt-in squeezed in.

In fact, if your main goal is to get people on your list, you can have it in the footer AND in the sidebar or in the header AND in the sidebar.

Sidebar menus are also a creative place to add your opt-in box. So when your menu pops up, it can be under your pages and it'll be right there for people to sign up in!

If your freebie isn't good, you won't get sign-ups anyways so make sure it fits these criteria:

Have something people actually want like a discount, or a freebie like my Pinterest Guide (which you should download)

  • Make it prettyy. Your visitors need to be drooling all over your offer! Just because it's free, doesn't mean you don't need to sell it to them

  • Tell them why they need it. What's the pain point behind your offer? What problem does it solve for them?

  • Have a CTA Button with personality! "Sign up Now" ain't gonna cut it in our industry. I currently have something like "Get Pinspired!" (because I'm just so cute and clever).

  • If you've got content on your website, make it valuable content so they'll trust you and give you their e-mail address. Whether it's a blog, vlog, podcast, or Live Show, just make it juicy.

Not convinced? Fair enough! A great middle solution would be an Exit Pop-Up that comes up when your visitor is about to close your window so you can collect their e-mail.

Only thing is they sometimes pop-up when the user is just switching tabs and they can still be annoying, but they're a lot less annoying than the automatic pop-ups.

You can also embed your opt-in box in your blog posts, or under your content so you don't miss those e-mails!

What's your take on Pop-Ups? Let me know in the comments below! Also, like and share this post to help me create a less annoying Pop-Up Free Web.

And of course, if you're ready to go the custom route, 'cause you're ready to get your business to the next level and grow ten times more, fill out your client profile here and I’ll get in touch with you 😊

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