3 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Site and What To Do About It!

For the Bookworms, here's the gist!

"Why aren't people staying on my website and buying from me/subscribing to my list?" It's a question that I've been hearing and seeing a lot.

Clients have asked me that before getting started, so have friends and people in Facebook groups so I thought I'd make it a post and leave you with a couple of platinum nuggets to show you how to fix some of the main issues I've been seeing!

You Have Wayyy too many CTA's

Obviously, as a business owner, you're trying to get visitors to do many things on your site: buy from you, book a meeting with you, sign up to your mailing list, and go to your events.

But a lot of times, you're asking WAY too much of your visitors! Usually someone who lands on your home page is just checking you out and wants to get to know you better. So they get overwhelmed and click off of your site!

Obviously, you need to have CTA's because you need to tell users what to do when they land on your website. But you should find the perfect balance so people don't feel too overwhelmed.

Normally, people want to both find out more about you and they want to know what the next step is so you have to guide them through that. So your home page should be used to get people accustomed to you and then you should have the other CTA's follow.

You've got HORRIBLE content structure!

Designs for your business needs to be both pretty AND functional. It's not a Picasso for people to simply admire, it also needs to flow and have a purpose. If it doesn't you've wasted your time and money on the design - sorry to tell ya!

So when you're looking for a designer, find someone who's worked with people in your industry and who's already accomplished the results that you want to accomplish for their past clients.

A lot of business owners are disappointed and discouraged after working with a designer who doesn't also focus on structure because they didn't get the results they were looking for. So they end up wasting money, and not investing it.

Your website should be structured to sell for you - especially when you're busy doing other things!

Your website's structure needs to be really easy to follow, have a good flow, and work for your ideal client. I've had clients who thought they had the perfect idea for their website's layout, but they didn't consider their ideal client/customer and how THEY would feel about the layout.

Luckily, I guided them and by studying their audience, we were able to come up with a layout that would please them. For example, this woman who's a really bold free spirit wanted a lot of energy incorporated in her design so I did that with bold uses of colors.

But her clients are really analytical and they love having a strong structure and layout. They love lists, bullet points - they're accountants, and lawyers, etc. So something with paragraphs of text and an unorganized layout would turn her clients off. We had to go with bullet points and lists to work with them. So even that has to come into account!

Moral of the story: your layout has to work for your ideal clients/visitors

Your Website Isn't Legible

Your site may have lack of consistency with colors (even the shades of colors), and your type. Usually visitors can't pinpoint why they left a website. They were just turned off and they immediately got off.

I've had clients who had one set of colors on their website and slightly off colors in their logo and other graphics. People notice that and how much it clashes!

Stick to a MAXIMUM of 3 different fonts on your website! The layout also needs to be consistent throughout all the pages. You want visitors to feel like they're being guided through a cohesive experience.

Your website's branding should also encourage a specific behavior and feeling because people buy off of how you make them FEEL. ( I bought a Giant Stuffed Perry the Platypus and a $100 foundation I didn't need because of how I felt at the time.)

And of course, it needs to fit the personality of your business - especially if you've been in business for a while! So that people who already know you, don't feel confused. Confusion is NOT a feeling you want potential customers to feel when you're selling to them.

There are soooooooooo many other reasons why people may be clicking off your site, but these are the most popular ones I've seen! And here's a little platinum nugget for ya!

DO NOT! I REPEAT, DO NOT! PUT MUSIC ON YOUR SITE. I know you want to - I want to. I have amazing music taste, and I want you guys to hear it, but don't do it. That's one MAJOR faux-pas that some people make that'll make people get off your site.

Usually when people are going on your site, they're doing one of two things:

  1. They're already listening to something like music, or a podcast OR

  2. They're in public with their volume on Max and your music will randomly start playing

And instead of looking for the pause button to pause the music and continue browsing, they'll just click the X and exit. The damage will be done and it WILL hurt your conversions.

I know that as a business owner, you don't have the time or the energy to think of all the mistakes you need to avoid to get visitors to STAY on your website and convert. You're already trying to get your vision on paper and it's already hard to get your website to look the way you want it to look.

So let me help you!You can stick to what you're a genius at and I'll stick to my genius, which is building you a site that'll complete translate your vision EFFORTLESSLY while bringing you more sales.

So if you're ready to stop stressing over your website because you know it can make you more money, but you just haven't cracked the code, let a pro handle it! Fill out your client profile here and I’ll get in touch with you 😊

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