BOBB | Day 9: How can I sell myself so people see my value?

Today, I’m answering a question that keeps popping up: how to sell yourself so people see your value and wanna buy.

This came from an entrepreneur who started her business a few months ago and who is super frustrated because people try to hassle her on prices, or compare her to competitors who charge less – even though she’s already charging super low!

I’m sure you can relate whether you’re in this situation or were before. Keep watching to see how to solve that!

So first, I want you to know that you’re not alone. It’s just part of the growing pains that come with being an entrepreneur.

HOWEVER, that’s no fun anyways and we wanna enjoy our businesses, don’t we? So this is unacceptable and you gotta fix it!

Let’s go over the 4 steps to positioning you and your offers as uber valuable,

Step #1 – Analyze yourself: do you think you’re valuable?

I’m a little woo-woo, so we’re gonna sprinkle some woo-woo in here. Do you believe you’re valuable?

I know your knee-jerk response is of course I think I am! So ask yourself this: how much do you think your offer is worth?

If you put a price on it, you’re wrong. You are a special, unique human bean (yes, I said bean). You have a unique set of gifts, which makes buying your offer a super unique experience.

No one else, not even your competitors who have the same knowledge and skill can replicate the special touch you have.

If, God forbid, you died today, the world would be missing out on your set of unique talents and gifts that would help make it a better place. So you are priceless and what you have to offer is definitely priceless.

However, it might take a while for you to fully embrace that and that’s okay, take your time.

Just know that the faster you understand your value and stand in your power, the easier it will be for your fellow human beans to step in line and see it too.

Your reality is only a mirror of how you actually see yourself. If you think you’re broke and only worth being paid X amount of dollars, you will attract people who can afford that, or who will try to hassle you out of that.

Every time I upgraded the way I saw myself, I’d upgrade my prices, and my clients would follow. When I felt I was worth $300 for a website, I got clients who were happy to pay it! No more and no less. It was the same for people who paid $3,500 in full and it will be the same whenever I raise my prices again.

And one other thing, when you start changing your mindset, you may not see results instantly. You’ll know this is working once you start treating yourself differently. You’ll start choosing yourself more often and put yourself first because you’ll understand that you can’t provide the value that you do if you’re not taken care of. It really starts with you.

Step #2 – Share what you know

As you work on seeing yourself as the special snowflake you are, start sharing what you know! Whether you’re a hair stylist, or you sell kid’s clothes, you are an expert at something and people wanna know your tips, tricks, etc.

So share them and share them often! If you’re not sure what to share, ask your audience what they wanna know – chances are, there’s at least one question you can answer.

You need to realize that whatever you’re selling is a solution to someone’s problem – it makes their life easier/better, and they will be forever grateful to you. Moreover, you’ll position yourself as the expert you already are.

And don’t worry about sharing too much. Chances are, the people who want to buy from you will just buy from you instead of trying to piece things together themselves from your free content. YOU ARE FUCKING WORTH IT!

Step #3 – Share your experiences

Your offer has likely changed your life and your customers’ lives so share it! A lot of times when you market your product, you probably just say buy my product, it will change your life.

If you share your experiences and your customers’ experiences, it’ll be a lot easier to self your offer and again, position yourself as super valuable and the obvious choice.

Step #4 – Understand what makes you unique and keep it real

MAJOR branding tip, love. If you don’t know how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, your prospects aren’t gonna do it for you.

You want there to be a clear distinction between you and them. You can’t have that if you don’t even know what it is. You can’t just tell them you’re the best and you have best customer service. You have to show them why you’re different, in general.

Positioning yourself as the expert is a key way to do that as most people in your industry are likely not doing that (unless you’re a coach of some kind).

But you also need to understand what your unique identifying factor is. HINT, HINT: it’s YOU!

What about you and the way you do things makes you unique?

It takes really knowing yourself and your unique gifts, because it often has nothing to do with your business. Your business is just one way you express that gift.

For example, one of my unique gifts is expression – I’m very expressive and it’s really easy for me to see someone, what makes them unique and tell them what it is. That’s why the websites I make are so dope and why my clients stand out when they market themselves – I know how to show them how unique they are and communicate it to their audience, so they see it to.

Ask yourself, what makes you unique? What’s something that’s usper easy that I help people with without thinking?

‘cause I’m also able to use my gifts of self-expression to help my friends out when they’re not sure what to say in a difficult situation.

Expressing what makes you unique will help people see that you’re worth investing in – but most importantly, it will help you uplevel in your life and business.

Anyways, that’s all the time we have for today!

As always, keep it bold, keep it fun, keep it YOUnique. I’ll see you guys later, Love you! 😘

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