BOBB | Day 8: The True Essence of Connection with Auguste Crenshaw

Auguste Crenshaw is a Business Coach who specializes in strategy, mindset, and sales. You can find her somewhere on social media giving a ton of value!

She is the epitome of living and breathing unapologetically. Her secret weapon is Mindset. More importantly, she knows the power is in being "herself"!

In a world when anyone can label themselves as an entrepreneur she knows the #1 Unique Identifying Factor is "YOU"! Transferring her knowledge, and strategies infuse confidence in others in business. See why her clients say, "Working with Auguste will make you feel like you can take over the world!"

Now it is your turn! No time for FLUFF LIST BUILDING TACTICS she comes straight out the gate with value!

Being connected to her means real strategies you can use right away! She is bright, vibrant, knowledgeable, a world changer, trendsetter, a sales beast, who wouldn't be shit without the tribe connected to her. She is raw, real and relentless! Your goals are her goals; she is your Success Champion.

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