BOBB | Day 4: The REAL Way to Create a Client Avatar that Gets You Results!

You probably already created a client avatar because you saw it on some marketing blog. The fact is, it sucks and it's not making you any money.

Don't worry, it's not because of you; it's 'cause you weren't taught how to do it so it could actually help you. It was just busy work, that made you feel like you accomplished something.

This video will show you the right way to do it so you can get results.

Heeyy Party People! What’s up?

Welcome to Day 4 of the Booked Out Brand Blitz!

If you’re new around here, I’m doing a 100-day vlog series where I show you how to get booked out through online marketing.

A couple of videos ago, I talked about how to get your audience more engaged and the second point was to create a client avatar.

Thing is, it’s not just about knowing that your ideal client is a 35-year-old mom named Karen with 2 kids who loves shopping at Kate Spade.

That tells you nothing about how to connect with your client. In fact, demographics like that may be hurting your marketing more than it’s helping!

If you’re not connecting well, chances are you’re not selling.

So how do you create a client avatar that truly helps you connect to make the sale? We’ll cover that and at the end, I’ll cover the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when doing this exercise.

Step 1 – Ask the right questions

Just so you know, I have a section in my free brandstorm workbook that helps you hone in on your client avatar, so now would be a great time for you to scroll up, add your contact info, and have it sent straight to you.

Go on, I’ll wait.

Got it? Awesome!

So! A lot of times when you’re doing your avatar, it’s about demographics, but we both know that doesn’t help you connect. Just because I’m a 20-year-old millennial entrepreneur, it doesn’t mean I’ll automatically connect with another 20-year-old millennial business owner.

Sure, we’re the same age, gender, and have the same career, but it doesn’t mean we’re having the same life experiences.

So what bonds your audience together is their life experience. They have similar struggles, goals, dreams, and aspirations.

THAT’S what you tap into! Ask yourself: What is my client avatar thinking about? Where has he/she been? What is she experiencing right now?

If you’re a body positivity coach who helps women fall in love with themselves, it’s not about their age, it’s about what they’re experiencing: their lack of self-love, which affects their day-to-day.

They don’t show up the way they want to. They may like someone and not want to approach them, or be in an emotionally, or even physically abusive relationship and stay there.

Or maybe they’re fighting an eating disorder like anorexia, or bulimia. These are the types of experiences you speak to, regardless of your industry.

You need to understand your ideal client, so that they can feel understood. As they start to, their walls will start going down and that’s how you get to their heart, so you can help them.

You hear a lot about building the Know, Like, Trust factor, but not about HOW to do it. You do it by getting to know, like, AND trust your own audience.

It’s the rule of reciprocity.

So, ask yourself these questions: How is she feeling and how is her problem affecting her daily life?

How does she make decisions? What fears does she play into?

What objections would she have to working with you (other than financial ones)?

All of these questions go a lot deeper and it’ll take some time to think about the answer. But that’s great – because the deeper you go, the better your results will be.

The answers to these questions are what make up your client avatar. Not some lame demographic exercise that keeps you busy and doesn’t get you results.

If you want the full client avatar worksheet, put your details in above and I’ll send it to you ❤

Once you’ve got this done, there’s ONE mistake business owners make that you absolutely MUST avoid: staying in your head.

You have to take all the assumptions you’ve made about your ideal client and test it out in the real world. You’re selling to real prospects, not this idealized version of them, so you need to understand those real people through market research.

How do you do that? Tomorrow’s video will show you how to do that, so make sure you tune in!

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Also, scroll down, comment, and let me know what your client avatar’s name is! Mine is Candi.

As always, keep it bold, keep it fun, keep it YOUnique. I’ll see you guys later, Love you! 😘

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