BOBB | Day 7: Why you don’t need “more exposure” and what you actually need to grow your sales

Today, we’re talking about what you actually need to get consistent sales in your business and no, it’s not just “more” exposure.

I’m covering this topic because it’s prevalent in so many business owner’s heads and it comes at a huge cost to you. Watch the video to see what you need to do to grow your sales.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re looking at the money flow in your business and realize that you’re spending a lot more than you’re making.

A big chunk of that is going towards either ads, or a social media expert, etc.

But it doesn’t seem to be getting you any results! So you get frustrated because you were told that you’re your industry’s best-kept secret, so people just need to know that you exist and you’ll start getting sales.

You invest everything you can into “marketing” and “standing out”. You get results… every once in a while. You get a windfall client who books you every few months and a couple of sales trickle in every few days.

You don’t know what’s wrong! Your follower count is growing and so are your likes and comments. So what’s the damn problem?!

It’s not that FB ads don’t work, or that your social media consultant doesn’t know what they’re doing, or that social media doesn’t work.

It’s just that exposure is just one component of marketing and if you’re relying on just that to get you customers, you’ll waste a lot of time and money, and possibly your dream because you just might give up.

Want the not-so-secret “secret” to getting those sales you want? You gotta implement all the pieces.

Whatever form of outreach you do to bring customers in, is only one part of the job. If that’s all you’re doing, you’re doing a half-assed job, which will get you half-ass results.

The other components you need are: a brand strategy to make sure you stand out over everyone else trying to get your audience’s attention and actually connect to your audience, and a full-fledged marketing strategy that not only gets you exposure, but also leads your leads down the path to becoming a buyer.

Not everyone who learns about you will instantly buy from you. In fact, the majority won’t! That’s not how things work.

The people you’re meant to help are waiting for you to lead them down that path. And the path isn’t “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my wallet, I’m ready to buy”

The natural path goes from awareness (exposure part), to appealing (like you and want to know more), to considering (look into your offers, testimonials, ask people for feedback), to acting (buying your offer), to advocating (telling everyone how awesome you are).

EVERYBODY goes down this path, some faster than others. That’s why YOU have to be the leader, be consistent and diligent and keep leading them down the path!

You need to create a proven process to lead your customers down from aware to advocate. If you don’t, you will continue to get windfall sales, which is not a good look on you, booboo.

Now, it wouldn’t do this process justice to break it down in this video, because there are so many moving parts. But luckily, we’ve got 93 more days to break it down! So make sure you subscribe to get notified when the next episode airs.

I’m really excited about tomorrow’s episode because I’m having our first guest on the show! It’s gonna be lit and she’s going deep into what you really need to truly connect with your audience, so don’t miss it!

As always, keep it bold, keep it fun, keep it YOUnique. I’ll see you guys later, Love you! 😘

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