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Heyy y’all! How’s it going?

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Samoa, the web designer and Visual Psychologist at Ink’d by Samoa where I create Branded Websites That Sell for Revolutionary Bosses Who Wanna Stand Out and we focus on long-term relationships, not one-night stands

So last week I posted about shaving off 7 hours per client by setting up a workflow in Dubsado and a lot of you wanted to learn more!

So that inspired me to create a Tech Tips Category ‘cause I have SOOO many tips to help you guys build a Biz that gives you your life back without sacrificing how you serve.

Today, we’ll start with Dubsadoooo! So Dubsado has been a LIFE-SAVER and it has many cool features that help you stay organized and save time!

So it was hard to pick, but I chose my Top 3 Fave Features to talk about today.

Feature #1: Client Portals

I thought Client Portals were UBER cool. The main reason is because it keeps everything in ONE place for as long as you want it there.

You can access contracts, invoices, forms, links, PDFs, e-mails, literally EVERYTHING

Feature #2: Canned E-mails & Forms

Canned E-mails were a big part of shaving those 7 hours off per client.

Throughout my process, I have specific e-mails/reminders to send to my clients. They don’t take long to type up, but the time adds up!

I set up the canned e-mails and personalize them to the client when they’re about to be sent and add it to the workflow.

Feature #3: They're Smart Enough to Know When they Need Help

Speaking of Workflows, that’s where everything comes together.

You can add a workflow to a new client and the right forms, links, e-mails, PDFs, contracts, invoices, reminders, etc. will upload to their portal and be sent to them automatically!

You can also set reminders and To-Dos for yourself and set it up so that something won’t be sent unless you’ve marked a task complete.

Dubsado makes my life and my client’s lives so much easier! Because of it, I have more time and energy to serve my clients the way they deserve to be served. And I don’t have to be bogged down by certain Admin tasks.

It doesn’t replace a VA, but it’s the closest thing to one I’ve ever had!

Best part is that it’s only $20/month and if you sign up with my link, you get 20% off your first month!

You’ll thank me later. Also, I want to remind you guys that the next Branded Website That Sells Slot Available is for June 4 – June 15 so if you want your new site launched by then, let’s chat and see about you reserving that slot!

Need help setting up with a Branded Website That Sells? I’ve got a live training coming up that tells you exactly what I do to create a Branded Website That Sells. You should join me! Click here to sign up!

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