Why Some People Almost Always Get More Sales More Easily Than Others

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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Samoa, the web designer and Visual Psychologist at Ink’d by Samoa where I create Branded Websites That Sell for Revolutionary Bosses Who Wanna Stand Out and we focus on long-term relationships, not one-night stands

Today, we’re talking about getting more sales, and why it seems like some people are always signing new clients on, while others, have up and down cycles. Believe it or not, all the reasons revolve around… CONNECTION!

So let’s dive in!

Reason #1: They're Hungry

Some people are more hungry than others – and I mean that in the best way. They believe in themselves and their service more and they see how valuable the transformation they provide is.

They’re hungry to share it with people. So you gotta be STARVING to serve and help people. So hungry that the fear of being rejected doesn’t stop you!

Truth is, your next client is out there and they NEED you – whether they know it or not. Be like water, when you see a need, fill it! Approach them, get to know them, CONNECT with them and make sure that they’re the best fit for your product/service.

And if they are, go after them. SELL to them. See, sales is just a conversation to make sure that your product/service will fit your client’s needs. If it does, then you can move forward, and if it doesn’t, then move on to the next person!

So some people get more sales because they go after more sales and they don’t hesitate. And it’s not just ‘cause they have to pay their bills! It’s because they have an innate desire to fill that need.

Reason #2: They Can't Shut Up

Because they believe so much in the transformation they provide, they can’t shut up about it! (I’m SO guilty of this)

Every time you turn around, they’re talking about it and what they can help you accomplish. It’s a fire that can never be turned off.

I swear to you, I’m ALWAYS talking about Branded Websites That Sell. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend wishes he could shut me up sometimes.

Use that fire, let it fuel you and get in front of people!

Reason #3: They're Smart Enough to Know When they Need Help

The thing with building a sustainable business is that just because you know how to sell, it doesn’t mean you should be the one to do it.

Which is why eventually some businesses hire salesman, others get a website and a marketing strategist. Because in the end, you started your business to do what you’re best at, not sell.

So set your business up so that eventually, you’re not gonna have to sell anymore! And ask for help!

Now, you could hire a Sales Team, ORRRRRRR you can pay a one-time fee to create a Branded Website That Sells for you 24/7 and that gets you more clients with the more leads you feed it.

Your choice! When you’re ready to make the right choice, let’s talk!

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