How to Do Less in your Business and Stand Out More in your Industry

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Heyy y’all! How’s it going?

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Samoa, the web designer and Visual Psychologist at Ink’d by Samoa where I create Branded Websites That Sell for Revolutionary Bosses Who Wanna Stand Out and we focus on long-term relationships, not one-night stands

Now, one thing you should know about me: I am the QUEEN of doing less, and getting the best results. I don’t just wanna do the thing; I wanna spend the least amount of time possible doing the thing, and outshine every other person doing the thing.

And because I’m so passionate about being a Biz Owner, I’ve of course done the same in my business, which I will now share with you!

Tip #1: Maximize Your Time

I went through a lot of pain structuring my time and my calendar. I had to get to know how I work best and structured my time that way and trust me, it takes a bit of experimenting to find your groove.

In fact, I rearranged my calendar last Thursday night and my days have been even more productive since!

I used to work in two 3-hour blocks, but the thing is, I noticed I lost focus within 90 minutes and would get distracted. So I switched things around! I’d do productive work in 90 minute blocks and take breaks in between!

That added an extra 10 hours of productive work for my clients and a extra 4 hours for my business. So structure your time to your needs.

I know we’re not taught that in school, ‘cause we’re taught to work on someone else’s clock, but you’re a business owner now! Maximize your freedom AND your time!

Tip #2: Now That You've Got More Time, Do Some Inner Reflection!

I didn’t realize this until I started writing the outline for this post, but I have a lot more time, make more money, and enjoy my life more after I did some deep reflection and narrowed down EVERYTHING.

I narrowed down who I served, how I serve them, and what I do to serve them. I’ve become an expert in ONE thing and am maximizing it!

I used to be a Graphic Design VA who also offered social media and tech services. I did it all. And I served all kinds of business owners.

Now, I’m a web designer who only serves Revolutionaries. I’ve made the decision that if you’re not a revolutionary Boss, you’re not my client.

You’d think that would mean I don’t have clients, but I do! And I stand out because of it.

I can create more effective packages to help my clients get the results they’re looking for and serve them that way

AND because I only serve a certain type of business owner, they maximize the results that they get! So they end up making me look even better!

Other people see that and they want a piece of it, but they still have to fit the criteria. Some won’t until they make some shifts and they want what I do even more.

So do some inner work. Define your ideal client – REALLY define them, don’t do some Avatar BS. Define WHO they are as a human and what their needs are. can really help you out with that too!

Then define how you can best serve them with what you do. That way, you’ll be known for THAT thing AND you’ll be doing a lot less because you’ll be spending your time refining that thing, learning more about that thing, doing that thing, marketing that thing, and being the best at that thing.

Tip #3: Once you've got that thing down, SYSTEMIZE IT!

You probably already do this and if you don’t, do it now and I won’t tell anyone! Write down your process and tweak it until it’s as seamless as possible. Then go back and tweak it again. Make it better and make the experience as smooth as possible.

Get feedback from your clients on the process, too. See how you can make it better.

Always look to see how you can spend the least time, and get the best results. I used to create websites in 4-6 weeks while juggling 2 or 3 clients at once.

Then I realized I could build them in 2 weeks, get the client better results with unlimited revisions, and by focusing all my creative energy on them, AND charge more for it ‘cause they’re getting more of me! Avoid any glitches in advance, and have clients who couldn’t dish out 4-figures in one sweep, or start in that moment pay towards their reserved date.

Now that’s more effective. And now that I know my process, I’m gonna set up a Workflow in my Client Management System that’ll do all the reminders, and send all the docs automatically, with every action the client takes! I set it up once, and it’ll do it for me again and again.

So now, I’m working on putting my client attraction system on autopilot. That way, I can focus on what’s more important, serving my clients.

To do that, you need 6 things:

  1. A Website That Converts

  2. Steady Waves of Traffic

  3. A Rapidly-Growing E-mail List

  4. More Paying Customers

  5. Pricing Tiers that Sell

  6. And an engaged and supportive network

I’ve got #1, #4, and #5. My Pinterest Strategist is helping me with numbers 2, 3, and 6!

That’s the other thing: I know how to Create a Branded Website That Sells, but when it comes to growing your biz, you can’t do it alone! Which is why I’ve hired a Sales Coach to help get clients in and a Pinterest Strategist to help me with the rest.

You’re gonna need help setting your business up if you wanna do it right, and don’t wanna go through all the trials and errors. If you start now, by this time next year, you’ll be there with me: doing less in your business, standing out more, and serving more while making more money.

So let me help you fill the gap with #1, a Branded Website That Sells. ‘Cause the truth is, if you have a well-oiled client-generating machine, you’ll have a lot more time to serve those clients, stand out with your stellar service, and rake in the dough.

Instead of juggling multiple clients, and doing all the work looking for the next potential one and trying to convert them yourself. Think about it, where do you wanna be in 6 months?

If it’s with more time, more money, and a bigger, better audience, we need to TAWK!

Need help setting up with a Branded Website That Sells? I’ve got a live training coming up that tells you exactly what I do to create a Branded Website That Sells. You should join me! Click here to sign up!

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