Does it really matter if you have a Custom, or Templated Website?

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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Samoa, the web designer and Visual Psychologist at Ink’d by Samoa where I create Branded Websites That Sell for Revolutionary Bosses Who Wanna Stand Out and we focus on long-term relationships, not one-night stands

So this question pops up once in a while – especially since I’m a strong advocate for custom templates. So the short answer is yes, but the long answer is it depends.

As a business owner, you have to factor in certain things before making any important decision in your business and only after doing that, can you make a solid decision.

Let’s discuss these factors!

Factor #1: Personality

Are you a custom kinda gal, or a generic kind of person? What do you normally gravitate to when buying everyday items. What really matters to you? And of course, if money were no object, what would you truly care about?

I personally love custom things. Custom workout plans, custom shampoo and conditioner (keeping my eye on Function of Beauty), custom clothes (my mother was a seamstress), etc. So I gladly pay for anything that’s customized to me. I even want to build my own house – instead of buy one.

So it’s really up to your personality. What do you gravitate towards? Do you like it when things are a perfect fit? Or are you okay if it’s only a little too loose, or a little too tight.

Think about your ideal client’s personality too! And your business, do you advertise custom work? ‘Cause if you do, you gotta reflect that too!

Factor #2:Your Goals!

Is your business a side-hustle that you’re gonna keep a side hustle? Or do you see yourself owning a WHOLE business that functions like a business. ‘Cause if you’re gonna be a business owner, you have to act like one and look like one and a cookie-cutter template won’t do it, unless you’re a cookie-cutter business

But really, how big do you dream your business will get? It doesn’t have to be a corporation, but if you can see people begging for your products/services, can imagine getting booked out and sold out, then you need a visual representation of how awesome you are!

Factor #3: Your Savviness and Your Creativity

Could you get a template and flesh it out to a website that fully represents you? Will the template let you do that?

I watched my boyfriend struggle with a website template and I felt so bad for him lol – And he’s a very smart, creative man. But most templates don’t help when it comes to creativity.

I sold a Custom template to a client last year and her website looks great! Of course, I designed it with a specific person in mind – AND she’s very savvy and creative so she put her own switch on it. In fact, I looked at her site the other day, and it’s pretty different from the template. But I love it, ‘cause it’s her!

So if you’re savvy enough to do that and you find a template that lets you do it, then go for it! If not, custom is your best bet.

So what do you think, when you get your website done, are you gonna go custom, or templated?

If you want a Branded Website That Sells, custom is your best bet

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