How you're letting LeadPages kill your business AND your leads

For the Bookworms, here's the gist!

Okay, so today we’re addressing a BIG issue that I’m seeing and because I care, we’re gonna talk about it.

Speaking of caring, y’all know I sell ‘cause I care right? So it’s story time! I approached this amazing woman I fully respect and who's killing it in the industry, but she gave me a "maybe later" because she said she was using LeadPages right now anyways.

And then, somebody else I highly respect in the industry had a free offer, and it led to… you guessed it, a LeadPage!

So what’s the issue? Well, there are many issues with this!

Numero Uno: LeadPages Kills Creativity and Expression

And I’m saying that as a web designer who has access to other powerful design tools to make things look more unique and pro.

  • Why does that matter to you though? When you have a Branded Website (or LP) That Sells, you get all the benefits of people connecting with you instantly and most importantly REMEMBERING YOU.

  • Most sales don’t happen on the first touchpoint. When you’re leading people to a sales page, your objective isn’t just to make the sale, it’s also to be remembered so the person can come back

  • But guess what, can’t be remembered anyways, let alone your basic, templated design that looks like everybody else’s

Numero Dos: You’re Killing Your Own Website’s SEO and helping theirs

  • All those paid ads you’re targeting to those pages could be going to your website instead they’re going onto LeadPage’s platform.

  • And we all know the more targeted leads you send to your site, the higher your SEO ranking on Google, etc. – mention Auguste

  • You’re not only paying for ads on FB, but you’re paying for Ads to go to LeadPage’s platform, instead OF YOUR OWN!!!


  • I can’t stress this ENOUGH. Your marketing strategy is the most important part of getting leads to your business. STOP USING OTHER PEOPLE’S PLATFORMS FOR THAT. You’re building your legacy on borrowed land.

  • Your website is YOUR OWN! No one can kick you off of it. What happens to all those highly targeted sales pages you spent so much time on if LP shuts down today? They’re gone.

  • At least in the highly unlikely case that your website is shut down, you’ve got a backed up version. You DO have a backed up version, right?

So what’s the alternative?

  • Do what I do – and what most of my clients do. For paid and free offers, we create hidden pages on our websites

  • It’s FREE

  • It improves your SEO

  • It’s on your OWN platform

  • AND if you have a Branded Website That Sells, it’s already designed to sell for you so you’re not spending as much time designing it. You’re just plugging your content in and moving on.

But of course, you can’t do that if you don’t have a Branded Website That Sells, can you?

Which is why you’re settling for LeadPages. And I’m just gonna say this: if after watching this video, you’re not ready to hop off the LP Bandwagon, that’s your choice. Your business, your choice.

Me and my people are building businesses that are sustainable. We’re setting things up so we’re getting AUTOMATIC lead generations. In the near future, we’ll have wait lists a mile long, and will be getting bombarded by payment notifications while sipping Pina Coladas in Maui.

And you, will be chained to your laptop, creating offers and ads that lead to your basic LP sales pages kicking yourself for not joining us now.

So if you want to see what it’s like to join me and my clients, click this link to find out more! I’d be happy to talk to you about your own needs.

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