3 Misconceptions That Are Ruining Your Website AND Sales!

For the Bookworms, here's the gist!

I was reading a post where a woman was ranting about how all web designers are scam-artists bevause she had worked with 2 who scammed her. And as I went through the comments, I noticed TONS of misconceptions about the industry and their websites.

So that inspired me to address those misconceptions and how they’re hurting their websites, sales, and business growth.

You’ve Got Too Much Going On to Even THINK About Your Website Right Now

You’re a busy entrepreneur and you wear SO many hats, so thinking about building or revamping your website can be super overwhelming!

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you’re working with an expert! This woman posted about these NIGHTMARE designers she worked with and her biggest complaint was that they were time-wasters because she had to tell them what to do.

Designers like that don’t have as much experience and haven’t worked with as many people so they’re figuring things out as they go – which explains their low pricing.

If you want someone who can make it easy for you, you’re gonna have to invest more money.

Either invest the time, or invest the money.

My last client was surprised about how easy the entire process was for the both of us compared to the designers she’s worked with in the past.

Tootin’ my own horn and giving myself a pat on the back because I worked really hard on my process in my first year in business and really studied my clients to see what worked for them and I’m proud and excited that the experience is going smoothly!

Your Website is Way Too Ugly To Be Helped

What do you mean?!?!

Some people have worked with designers who hurt their design more than they helped it. One of my clients worked with 3 designers before working with me.

She was literally crying over her website design , where she sells her products. Someone recommended me to her and she actually dried her tears because she KNEW that I could help her.

And she was so excited to see her newly revamped site because she got EXACTLY what she wanted!

So there’s no website too ugly to be fixed if you’re working with a pro. Even if you’re not sure what you need to fix it, an expert will.

I actually make it a game when I see an ugly site and think of how I can fix it and make it better! Fixer-Uppers are my favorite projects 😊

We all know that people will judge you by your cover – especially online because first impressions DEFINIETELY matter.

Your website should represent you because it’s your salesperson that never sleeps so you need and deserve one that truly represents you! So no website is too ugly to be helped as long as you find the right person to help you.

You don’t need a pro website to be successful in your business

Sooo many coaches and gurus love saying that – especially with all the other tools out there like online schedulers and e-commerce platforms like Etsy.

If you truly believe that, why do you hesitate and cringe every time a potential client asks you for your website link?

It’s cause you know you’re a pro at what you do, but your website doesn’t showcase the quality that you provide! And you don’t want to risk losing a sale because of that.

So you KNOW that a quality site will get you quality clients and you know that when you’re looking to invest your money into someone, you’re going to go with the person who seems to have their shit together – and that includes a High-Quality website.

I WILL say this: If you’re just starting out and you don’t know your target market and are just starting to navigate your business, I wouldn’t suggest investing in a high-tier designer – UNLESS they’re offering serious brand discovery (like me) and you have the funds to pay for that.

If you don’t have the money for that, get yourself a template and start with that! But if you can invest, or you’ve already been in business for a minute now, go for it!

If you know that you deserve a website that SELLS for you, I currently have 3 spots open to entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level. If you wanna make some magic together, let’s talk! Fill out your client profile here and I’ll get in touch with you 😊

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