For the business owner with a unique vision that can't be found anywhere else

So, you have a unique vision for your site that you know has to be created and can't be found anywhere else.

We are pros at extracting that vision and creating EXACTLY what it is you want and more. Our clients often can't believe their eyes when we unveil their site.

Come to us with a feeling you want to create and we extract all the details so that your site is everything you can imagine AND MORE.


Is it your turn?


Right this way. 

Our Premium Elevate Process

Our process was created to ensure that you have both a website you love AND that converts at a much higher rate than it converted before. A.K.A. our process is designed to make you money before your website launch, during your website launch, and of course, after.

Check out how:


The first step is for you to fill out our consultation form so we can learn about you and your business. We do this to ensure that you fit the requirements we've created that will ensure maximum results for you. Once we review that, we'll go over the contract together, you'll sign it and we'll collect your deposit on the call. We will then reserve your timeline and schedule your Brandstorm session.


During this phase, we'll do a few things to ensure we understand your vision and know how to make you shine.

  1. We'll do a Brandstorm Session where our Creative Director will use her gift to identify your Highest Value Gift (the key factor to making you shine). We'll also take inventory of who your highest value client is, your audience, traffic sources, offers, funnels, and freebies. No, you don't need to haveyour funnels and freebies in place - we just need to know what they are if you do.
  2. We will then have you do the Pinterest Board Pinning or share your Pinterest board if you already have one so we can get an idea of how you like to express yourself
  3. Then, we'll wrap up this phase with a Launch Planning Session where based on what you have available, we'll create a plan that will directly lead to website sales and conversions.
Why is this phase important? Why do you need this?
  • This allows me to know exactly where we’re starting, where we’re going, and the resources we have to get there. I'll also understand you and your gift much better so that I can translate it into a visual brand that pops.
  • We’ll be able to identify just what we can do to create conversions in the next phase of the process and for the launch. I’ll also be able to plan exactly how we’re going to make sure she launches with a bang that lasts for years to come.
What are the outcomes for this phase?
  • You’ll have a better understanding of what makes you unique which you can immediately start using in your marketing and start creating sales. (No matter how experienced our clients are, they always learn something new about their gift, which they can immediately use to convert some people in their audience who have been hesitating)
  • We will have a solid visual plan for the design of your website.


  1. We'll design a few moodboards to see if we got the translation of your vision right. We'll walk you through our refinement process to make sure we're both crystal clear on what we're creating before we move forward.
  2. Then, we will design a simple landing page to collect info from those interested in your website launch party AND for those who want to work with you now. This will reflect the brand we’re creating so that your new design can start converting for you immediately.
  3. In the meantime, we’ll design the actual website and go through our refinement process.
  4. Once the overall layout for the website has been designed, we will go through it and plan out what you need to put for your copy. Even if you hire a copywriter, we suggest you do this because Samoa can give you tons of insight to make sure you have a website that converts.
Why is this step important? Why do you need this?
  • The landing page allows us to do a soft launch of your new brand design to the world. We’ll be able to collect guest information for your launch party and direct interested buyers to contact you directly. This also allows the design to start working its magic and convert people NOW.
  • Our design and refinement process will allow us to create a website that is 100% aligned with the client experience you want to create to ensure conversions when we launch.
  • The Quality Check Process is where several members of our team go through your website to ensure everything is running the way it should be. This ensure a high-quality website ready for launching!
  • The Copy Brandstorm Session will give you further guidance in expressing your gifts and connecting with your High Value Client (that's the visitor that is ready to buy NOW)
What is the outcome(s) of this step/phase?
  • From the get-go, the landing page will increase your subscriber rate and you may get a sale or two while we’re designing your website and planning your launch.
  • At the end of this phase, your website will be ready to launch!


  • Set up Analytics for your new site
  • Set your launch plan in motion!
  • Track sales and refine the website as needed.
  • Do an off-boarding call at the end of the launch period where we'll cover what worked and how to ensure your website conversion rate continues to grow.

Why is this step important? Why do you need this?

  • Our being there while you launch allows us to tweak things for you in real time to ensure that you get the most out of her launch. We want to make sure your website converts and makes you money.
  • Analytics will track your progress and help you compare the results your website was getting for you during your launch
  • Our off-boarding call will make sure you have everything you need to continue to create amazing results on your website.
What is the outcome of this phase? Sales, sales, sales! Your Launch Party is the perfect time for you to monetize your audience in a fun, new way!

Package Details

All Website Package Options Include:

  • A brandstorm interview where we nail your brand positioning, messaging, and determine what makes you stand out to ensure a design that you love and that converts well
  • A moodboard that determines the look and feel of your brand and site
  • A custom website designed on Wix, Wordpress, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, or Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design included
  • Social Media Integration
  • Image sourcing from paid stock image sites (at no additional cost to you)
  • Basic SEO - you must provide keywords and descriptions
  • Unlimited edits until your timeline expires. Additional edits after our time is through is $100/hour with a minimum of one hour.
  • A 30-minute training to show you how to edit and manage your site

Timeline and investment

Each type of site has a different timeline based on your needs. One Page Site -

  • TIMELINE: Three weeks
  • INVESTMENT: $1,250 paid in full or two payments of $687.50
Brochure/Blog/Portfolio Site -
  • TIMELINE: Six weeks
  • INVESTMENT: $3,500 paid in full or two payments of $1,900
  • ADD BLOG OR SHOP: $750 each if you pay in full or two payments of $412.50 each
E-commerce website (up to 40 products) -
  • TIMELINE: 6 - 10 weeks
  • INVESTMENT: $6,500 paid in full or two payments of $3,575
  • ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS: $50 each if you pay in full and $55 each if you do a payment plan
Please note that these are estimates. You will get a more accurate quote once we know more about your project.


Brand design package

  • Includes the main logo, an alternative logo, three sub-marks, and two brand patterns.
  • TIMELINE: Two weeks
  • INVESTMENT: $1,500
Social Media Design Package
  • Includes your social media header that is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn. Four Canva-Editable Instagram Feed Templates, One optional IGTV Template, and Two Pinterest Blog Templates
  • TIMELINE: Two weeks
  • INVESTMENT: $750

Retainer Options

If you don't want a website or brand and prefer to hire us to create a custome deisgn of another kind, you may retain our services at an hourly rate of $100/hour. If you'd like to have a designer "on your team" for regular projects, we suggest you sign up for one of the following retainer packages. These packages reserve us for 6 months.

  • Starlite - 4 hours/month with a 6-month commitment. $250/month or $1,350 paid in full
  • Nebula - 8 hours/month with a 6-month commitment. $500/month or $2,700 paid in full
  • Supernova - 12 hours/month with a 6-month commitment. $800/month or $4,320 paid in full.
If you have any questions, contact us at


"It was inspiring to see how Samoa captured my essence and put it in a website.

I got exactly the website I wanted and the process was smooth and painless. BEST. DECISION. EVER!"

Meet the Team

Samoa Blanchet

Hey there! I'm Samoa, Creative Director and CEO at Soul Site Shop.


I'm the one you'll be dealing with from the beginning of the process until the end and the brains behind your design.​

I have a natural gift of understanding exactly what your unique vision for your website is which allows us to create the perfect website for you in week.

Our clients often feel like I read their minds and go even deeper than they thought they needed to go while creating this.

I can't wait to create yours!

Devanshi Padsala

Hi! I'm Devanshi, the Brand and Web Designer at Soul Site Shop.

I work with Samoa to bring your vision to life with custom designs, illustrations, and animations.

My hobbies include illustrating and designing works of art. One of my lesser known interest is fashion! I love trying on new clothes and makeup styles.

I'm really excited to work with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms do you design on?

We specialize in Wix, Wordpress and Adobe Dreamweaver. And because we have html/css, Java, and C++ knowledge, we can master our designs on any platform

When does my content need to be ready?

You have two options when it comes to your content: You can wait until we transfer your website over to you at the end of the project to add the content. We'll simply add placeholder text. Or Have it available by your second unveiling which normally happens during week 2 of the design process.

Is my deposit refundable?

Of course not!

Do I need to be available during my project time?

Yes. We are co-creating your brand and site together and we require your involvement throughout the process to ensure that you walk away with a design you love. You don't have to be available at all times, but we will need you to answer questions we have, provide feedback in a timely manner, and send over things we need.

Do you set up and purchase my Wix account?

Nope. You are responsible for signing up with Wix and selecting your plan. We will, however, set up your new site in your account and connect it to your domain if you'd like.

Do you purchase the domain and hosting?

No, these expenses are on you. For hosting, you will purchase this when you set up your account. For your domain, you can purchase through a domain company - I recommend GoDaddy. It's affordable, and reliable. You will have to provide us access to your domain account, so we can connect it to your new site. Soul Site Shop is not responsible for server downtime, software issues or any other compatibility issues that may arise after the launch of the site from your hosting or domain provider.

Do I need to book in advance?

We highly suggest you do, as we usually book our clients at least 4 weeks in advance. If you need your site done right away, reach out because we may have an opening.

How does the payment plan work?

If you go with a payment plan, your deposit is due at the time of booking and the remaining is due right before we transfer the site over to you.


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